Welcome to Marina's Developer Documentation. This documentation is for learning how to develop web applications for the Liquid Network.


Marina connects to a remote Electrs instance and this allows you to get started without synchronizing a full node, while still providing the option to upgrade your security and use the Electrs server of your choice. The supported explorers are and

In the future we will allow authenticated JSONRPC HTTP/1.x connection to your own Elements node.


Marina uses an embedded HD wallet and encrypts it with AES-256 the mnemonic seed with a password of choice and we always ask the user to unlock (ie. decrypt) with the password everytime we need to access the private keys to sign a transaction or to show the mnemonic.

All the addresses are by default confidential native segwit (ie. BLECH32 format) and defaults to native segwit derivation defined in BIP84 m/84โ€™/0โ€™/0โ€™/0/0.


It does not switch the Coin type, defaulting to 0 for both Liquid and RegTest. Therefore is strongly suggested to have a dedicated seed for each network.