Nutrition Facts

Chopsticks service exposes on port 3000 (and on 3001 if started with --liquid flag) all Esplora's available endpoints and extends them with the following:

Bitcoin & Liquid#

  • POST /faucet which expects a body { "address": <receiving_address> }
  • POST /tx has been extended to automatically mine a block when is called.

Liquid only#

  • POST /mint which expects a body {"address": "ert1q90dz89u8eudeswzynl3p2jke564ejc2cnfcwuq", "quantity": 1000, "name":"VULPEM", "ticker":"VLP"}
  • POST /registry to get extra info about one or more assets like name and ticker which expects a body with an array of assets {"assets": ["2dcf5a8834645654911964ec3602426fd3b9b4017554d3f9c19403e7fc1411d3"]}